RoboCup F180 league - open software

Welcome to the homepage of the RoboCup F180 league (a.k.a. the small-sized robot league) open software repository. Actually, this repository is no longer being updated. Teams which have published their code and tools do so from their own websites rather than from this communal repository.

This site is maintained by Andrew Peel, Roobots team. The Roobots team is no longer active, last competing in 2002. If another RoboCup F180 league team thinks this site could be used better, then please contact one of the project administrators via the project summary page and we will willingly consider handing it to you.

Andrew Peel - 25 January, 2005.



The Roobots team software and manual are available for download from the project summary page. (Click on "View ALL Project Files" to get both files.)